Submitted by DLares on April 14, 2021 - 10:20am

Write by moonlight, using only mind and touch, Don't hurry.  Let in the beauty.  Keep your balance.  Breathe.  You've got this.   Let the Lord of Light enter and become your eyes.  We call forth a new day in the hearts of mankind.  Look! Rainbows in the fog behind the hill.  It's Rainbow Man glimmering under His mask.  See the Beautiful Will shining through?  A breeze dispels the shadow...and then Silence descends.  Oh, Blessed Stillness.  Peace.

Increased vibrational uplift? Feel it?

Submitted by DLares on March 19, 2021 - 9:33pm

Indeed, if this is happening, and I think many of us can agree there is a difference in the feel of the spiritual energetic circuits, then perhaps that is the reason we are encouraged to increase our connection and the frequency of our quiet times, in order to increase our own capacity for reception of this new light. Some encouragement has come to us in the suggestions of three 20 minute Quiet Times a day.

We continue to change.

Submitted by DLares on March 17, 2021 - 12:45pm

Hi Bob, I know! I barely dragged myself to the breakfast table by 8 am these last 2 days! (In all fairness to my humanness, it IS an hour earlier!).  And I, as well, had some ideas about food, like you did. A Youtube I accidentally heard while working on iMovie, had me meeting all pre-diabetic questions with yes! So, I'm looking to drink the 2 tsp apple cider vinegar/2 tsp lemon juice in water before each meal til it tastes bad. Unfortunately, it was delicious, so that means "body likes it" and will cut out sugar again.Ive been a bit lax since xmas with a that great choc chip cookie recipe.

Found a prayer  in a 2012 journal. I think I'll use this for preparation before the QT at Morning Table for this project time:



Hello, Father. I am looking to you and your perfect silence of consciousness, so full of benevolent attention and pregnant with creativity.You said, Ask and ye shall receive, so here I am.I want your perfect will to be done through me and I want Your guidance for completion of these tasks. To You I give these hours of my life in service.I ask, from Your omnipresent mind, an understanding wisdom. I ask, from Your pervasive Spirits, wholistic vision. I ask, from Your myriad helpers, fresh concepts and clear direction. 

But mostly, I ask that Your love be with me, that Your humor enliven me, that Your Mercy and Grace inspire me so that the seed of my life may bear fruit in Your garden of life. Thank you, Amen 

Hello New Season

Submitted by DLares on March 15, 2021 - 8:05pm

Today we started our new life schedule. Funny, Bob wrote about his new intention for focus and use of time, meanwhile, back here on the ranch in Oregon, Alan and I had just done the same thing!

It's Daylight savings time day number one. We got up an hour early, and met with ourselves, inviting our teachers, guides and loved ones to our day. We read some inspirational words and ate a small breakfast before moving on to our regularly scheduled Zoom exercise class we started a year ago.

I wanted a prayer to say before breakfast and there it was, hanging above the microwave:


We used to go to Goodwill before Covid quarantine. This was a nice find, and now part of our new morning structure. we are looking forward to sharing blog posts with folks here.

Happy Daylight Savings, everyone!