In Memory of Rick Giles

Submitted by allstaff1 on June 29, 2011 - 8:41pm

Long time ALL member and Urantia Book enthusiast Rick Giles died suddenly in June, 2011 of an aortic aneurism while playing music at home. Instead of lamenting his loss, the ALL Council would like to share their memories of a faithful friend and servant who has embarked upon the next step in his eternal journey.

“Rick had faithfully served on the board as both secretary and treasure for many years. He was a delight to work with, someone you could depend on to get the job done and always in a pleasant, cheerful manner. I am reminded of a quote from the Book of Psalms "Good people will always be remembered and greatly praised, because they were kind and freely gave..." (112:9) Thank you Rick for sharing your life and gifts with us, we will remember you with love. Well done good and faithful servant!” - Dolores Nice, California
“I first met Rick and Barbara 30 years ago when we both moved to Idaho and landed in a KOA campground where we all lived for a month or so while we searched for some place to live. We then found the natural foods co-op in town and bumped into them and Thomas Orjala and hearing about a meeting to discuss the "Fifth Epochal Revelation" we arrived there to see Rick and Barbara again. Rick was my mentor and teacher about the Urantia Book. “We fell in love with these folks and soon Rick and I were working together at a furniture factory until Rick and Barbara opened up their woodworking and upholstery business and Mary and I opened up our leather business. “The Giles' hosted Urantia study groups and Teaching Mission groups for about 20 years until we went to teleconferences in the last few years. We have been in a band together for almost as long. It has been my privilege to meet with Rick once or twice a week between study groups and practice music for all these years. “We grew up together, having met when we were both in our early 20's and had the chance to be involved in many service projects and opportunities - Urantia presentations, Michael's birthday gatherings, conferences and music performances. “He was my best friend, my inspiration, my spiritual comrade and my hero when it came to how to conduct yourself in accordance with your highest values. He still is - having set the bar for what a mortal of the realm can aspire to and master. He will be with me every time I reference the UB, have a transmission, work in the garden, go hiking, skiing, play music or see a mushroom. “He is proof positive that one individual can change the world - he forever changed mine. Until we meet again - Vaya Con Dios, good and faithful servant of the Father. Eternal Fond Regards.” - Mark Rogers, Idaho
“Rick Giles left countless friends who loved him dearly. How could you not love this brother? He was the most balanced person I ever met, probably representing the kind of personality balance that Michael (Joshua ben Joseph) modeled in his mortal life to all who knew him. I first met Rick and Barbara at the very first TM gathering in Cheney Washington in 1993 (or was it 1994). What a memorable time that was for us all as we explored and shared the wonderment of our new experiences. He was funny, loyal, dependable, knowledgeable, wise, kind, gifted, dear and generous with his loving, shining spirit so full of light and life. For those of us left temporarily behind on the ultimate journey, we miss him. For those unseen friends who welcome him to the Mansion worlds, enjoy!” - Eugenia Bryan in Kansas
“I met Rick and Barbara at my first ever International Conference in '96 at Flagstaff. They were co-teaching some higher-than-my-understanding Trinity thing from the Urantia Book :) It was under a tent out in the middle of campus and it was a beautiful day and Fred and Roland and I breezed in. What I remember is when I met Rick after the workshop, I knew that I had just met one of the most sincere, sweet and intelligent men I'd ever known. And he never stopped being that guy. I have been so privileged to know him for all these years and to work with him on the board of ALL for the last several. I am sad now because I am missing my buddy, but know we will be together again before too long, working for Light and Life for Urantia. I love you brother...” - Judy Langston, Florida
“Rick came into my life in the late 1980's when my husband and I discovered a group of Urantia Book readers in the Couer d'Alene area. We drove the 3 1/2 hours regularly to spend time with this group who met at Rick and Barb's home weekly. Rick's focus on the adventure of being a spiritual being in his physical body was as regular as carrying on his normal activities of daily living. I am eternally grateful for his sharing all this through his love of the lessons in the UB with all the ensuing discussions, his music, his relationship with Barb, gardening and hiking through the woods looking for mushrooms. We could arrive anytime and call out, ‘We're home!’ Now Rick is on the next adventure and we have oodles of memories and richer lives.” Carry on Dear Brother. - Jael Regis, Washington