Lightline Teleconferences

The Lightline is a weekly effort to provide the experience of communicating with spirit for those who would like to attend.  As part of the Correcting Time, it has been shared that various personalities are here on our world helping to usher our planet back in to the functioning system we were isolated from many millenia ago due to rebellion and default in our system.  As a result of the rebellion being rectified, the spiritual personalities who are part of Christ's ministry have made contact with those who have practiced the stillness and they afford insights to help direct us toward gaining better connection and communion with our spiritual source within.

While there are groups around the world who meet in person and have these communications as part of the Correcting Time's Teaching Mission, currently, the Lightline is an open telephone forum to listen to lessons and all are welcome to attend.

Meetings are on Thursdays in the United States, but can be joined by telephone.

Start time is 6:00 PM Pacific; 7:00 PM Mountain; 8:00 PM Central; 9:00 PM Eastern.

New Dial  Number is:  [712] 775-7031, then enter access number 480-123-484 followed by the # sign.

Playback is: [712] 775-7029, with access number 480-123-484.

For more about the Correcting Time and Teaching Mission, go HERE.