What is Light and Life?

Encapsulated within the Fifth Epochal Revelation there is a transcendent ideal of a personal, planetary, and universal level of spiritual attainment referred to as the age of Light and Life. This stage of awareness is characterized by a commitment to spiritual growth and progress; an enhanced appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness; an increasing desire to do good to others; and a communal sense that we are all part of one spiritual family growing in our relationship to the Divine Source of All Things.

Light and Life is earmarked by increasing personal and planetary peace, social equality, and a harmonizing of religious, philosophical, cultural and scientific ideas. The material life and intellectual pursuits are enhanced by spiritual seeking and attainment. The role of the Divine has become a natural part of life. The individual who has attained this state of Light and Life has accepted sharing their inner life with God and this is exhibited outwardly by an increasing desire to do good to others, to serve with the unselfish motivation of love.

(A more detailed description of Light and Life can be found in The Urantia Papers, predominantly in papers 55 and 56.)

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